Amazon Fire Stick/TV How To's, Supported Models, and Troubleshooting

Is my Fire Stick/TV/Cube supported for viewing Pure Flix?

Yes! We are supported on all Fire Stick/TV's/Cube's. Even the built in Fire devices!

You will want to verify that all software on your device is updated to the most recent version. You can verify your Fire TV device is properly set up, and all of your Fire TV accessories are functioning as intended by visiting Amazon's support page.

How do I install the Pure Flix app on my Amazon Fire Stick/TV/Cube?

To find Pure Flix on an Amazon Fire device:

  • Click the “Home” button (looks like a house on the remote)
  • At the top scroll to the left to the magnifying glass “Search
  • Type “Pure Flix” (without spaces)
  • Click on the word “pureflix
  • Scroll down to “Apps & Games
  • Select the “Pure Flix” app
  • Click the Cloud Icon “Download
How do I resolve issues on my Fire Stick/TV/Cube?

Step 1: Verify Software Version

  • Press the “Home” button on the Fire Tablet
  • Navigate to and select “Settings”
  • Select “Device Options”
  • Select “System Updates”
  • Select “Check Now”
  • If an update is available select “Update”
  • Verify the Fire OS version (found on the current screen)

Step 2: Clear App Cache

  • Press the “Home” button on the Fire Tablet
  • Navigate to and select “Settings”
  • Select “Apps & Games”
  • Select “Manage All Applications”
  • Select “Pure Flix”
  • Click “Force Stop” (to verify it is not running in the background)
  • Click “Clear Cache”
  • Click “Clear Data”

Step 3: Uninstall the App

  • Press the “Home” button on the Fire Tablet
  • Press and Hold the “Pure Flix” App
  • After a few seconds release and it will receive a check mark
  • Click “Uninstall” at the top right
  • Verify by clicking “OK”

Step 4: Install the App

  • Press the “Home” button on the Fire Tablet
  • Navigate to and Select “AppStore” (looks like a white box with the word APPS)
  • Click “Search” at the top right (looks like a magnifying glass)
  • Type “Pure Flix” and click the magnifying glass to search
  • Click “Download” on the Pure Flix app
  • When the download finishes click “Open”

If you are still experiencing difficulties after completing these troubleshooting steps, please request further assistance by clicking below.

In your request, please include a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing, your current internet speed and inform us if you have attempted the troubleshooting provided.

How do I search for a specific title on my Fire Stick/TV/Cube?

To search for specific titles on a Fire device, follow these instructions when in the Pure Flix app:

  • Click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper left of the home screen.

  • Push on the right cursor command on your Fire remote control to get the keyboard.

  • Type in the title for which you are searching.