Great American Pure Flix Billing and Payments
If you need any information on your charges please review Great American Pure Flix payments & billing.
Managing Your Great American Pure Flix Plan
If you need to manage your Great American Pure Flix plan please review Managing Pure Flix Plan.
Unexpected Charges
If you have unexpected charges please review Unexpected Charges.
Resolving Payment Issues
If you are experiencing issues with your Payment please review Payment Issues.
Great American Pure Flix Profiles

You can stream up to 5 different devices within a single household however, at this time we do not offer profiles. We do hope to have this capability in the future. 

PIN Set Up

If you wish to set up a PIN on your Great American Pure Flix account please follow the steps below.

  1. Sign into your Great American Pure Flix account by going to pureflix.com via the website not the app
  2. In the upper right hand corner on the black banner please click on the icon that looks like a "Head and Shoulders"
  3. From the drop down menu, select the "My Account" option
  4. On the left hand side from the menu select "Parental Control"
  5. To the right you'll see in blue "Set PIN Code"
  6. You will then enter and confirm your desired 4 digit PIN Code
  7. You can also chose to either "Enable PIN Code" or "Disable PIN Code"
  8. You will also need to enter your "Great American Pure Flix Password"
  9. Click "Save PIN"
Apple, Google, Roku Account Management

If you signed up for Great American Pure Flix through Apple, Google or Roku you will need to contact them directly.

Apple: please review Apple Account and Billing Information

Google: please review Google Account and Billing Information

Roku: please review Roku Account and Billing information